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Handker Bandanas

Maude Bandana

Maude Bandana

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Maude ditched the rat race long ago and followed her dream of opening a vintage shop, and she’s here to help you express all the many sides of your personality. Whether it’s a gorgeous 1940s satin loungewear set, an elegant 1950s sable mink stole, or a replacement for that beloved 1980s U2 concert tee your ex never gave back, Maude’s got you covered–literally. You go back again and again not only because she’s got the shop so perfectly curated but also because she’s . . . Maude!

Color: Pink with Blue & Gold flowers

Material: 100% premium cotton

Sizing: 22x22 inches

Designed in the U.S. Hand screen-printed in India

Bandanas can be used in so many different ways! Use it as a handkerchief on hikes, wear it in your hair or on your clothes to spice up an outfit, tie it around your pup's neck to make them look dashing! Have fun with it!

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