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White Bean and Ham Soup Mix

White Bean and Ham Soup Mix

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Don’t be afraid to “stir the pot” and try something new. With a little advanced planning, you’ll enjoy a hearty meal with beans, ham and vegetables.

This soup is the real deal, but don’t be intimidated. Dried beans simply need to soak in room temperature water for 8 hours before proceeding with the next steps. This soup really is a piece of cake to make, and it is delicious.

Serves 4-5 people. Round out the meal with Focaccia Herb Bread and a green salad.

From you kitchen, you will need the following:

Water to soak beans

1/2 to 1 pound ham (sliced, or cubed, leftover or from the deli)

6 cups chicken broth


Kitchen equipment:

Medium sized soup pot, bowl for soaking beans, cutting board, knife and ladle.

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